Bold Steals
The Spotlight

As part of Timberland’s ‘Built For the Bold’ global campaign, Canoe was challenged to activate a memorable moment to hyper-localise it. We were pleased to strike a partnership between Timberland and United Development (UD) – an organisation that champions and nurtures local up-and-coming musicians in East London.

One significant aspect of our PR strategy was the implementation of Eventbrite ticketing and event listings. By utilizing this platform, we ensured that the event reached a wider audience, making it easy for interested attendees to find information and secure their tickets. This approach not only streamlined the ticketing process but also contributed to the overall event’s success.

Under our PR, Production and Creative guideship, Timberland and UD hosted a night to remember “Bold Steals the Spotlight.” An open mic night to celebrate those who aren’t afraid to speak their truths and to spotlight bold and fearless talent. Village Underground in the heart of Shoreditch creative hub was the ideal venue and available to us as part of their existing partnership with Timberland. With the UD curated line-up locked in, we took hold of delivering an audience packed with young and engaged consumers.

Moreover, we carefully curated our media and authenticator attendees to guarantee maximum event coverage opportunities. This strategic selection of attendees helped us create buzz and excitement around the event, generating interest from both the public and the media.

In addition to these efforts, we recognized the importance of connecting with local media outlets. Our team proactively engaged with local media, fostering strong relationships and ensuring our event received extensive coverage. This approach allowed us to tap into the local audience and gain exposure that was both valuable and relevant.

As a crucial part of the event’s success, Canoe Social took charge of developing and executing a comprehensive social media strategy. This strategy encompassed the pre-event, during-event, and post-event phases. By crafting engaging and relevant content, we were able to captivate the audience’s attention, maintain excitement throughout the event, and sustain post-event interest.

In summary, our approach combined effective PR, Eventbrite integration, strategic attendee selection, and strong local media connections to maximize event coverage opportunities. Canoe Social’s dedication to social media management ensured the event remained in the spotlight at all stages. Together, these strategies resulted in a successful event that left a lasting impact on both Timberland and UD Talent House.


Further, Canoe Creative developed campaign visuals, from invites to backdrops and everything in between. To elevate the experience, a gifting suite for performers was set up. On the night, this ensured the final lineup of 16 talented artists were all dressed in Timberland. 

With the groundwork done, we didn’t want to miss a moment, so an audio visual team was assembled to capture every note sung and every dance move – good and questionable – pulled. This later formed a Canoe-produced wrap video that was posted in partnership between Timberland and UD and shared with all performers and guests for organic IG and TikTok coverage.


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