ellesse SS24 Global Campaign

Canoe Studio has been a multi-disciplinary practice since its inception, blending diverse talents to create impactful concepts, designs and campaigns. Canoe Studio embarked on a journey to merge fashion and sport and a fresh approach for ellese’s Spring Summer 2024 collection while launching its new brand platform, Racket Club.

Central to the campaign’s success was its ability to showcase the intersection of fashion and sport. Through meticulously crafted stills and captivating films,  Canoe Studio blurred the lines between elegance and athletic prowess.

Bespoke music was created by Collard that added a human touch to the technical finesse of the film. As the campaign unfolded, it stretched beyond digital realms, manifesting into a dynamic out-of-home experience across major global cities like London, Berlin, and Barcelona.

The updated Semi Palla logo lay at the campaign’s core, a graphic testament to ellese’s evolution. It served as a bridge between the brand’s storied fashion heritage and its newfound aspirational direction.

From Concept to completion Canoe Studio brought to life to a campaign that has elevated a brand to new heights of visibility and desirability.

- Creative
- Strategy
- Production