Hook A Boot with Timberland at Frasers Festival

Inspired by ‘hook a duck’, Canoe’s production and creative team developed a Timberland branded stand, inviting curious festival goers to try and ‘hook a boot’ to win Timberland prizes. By leaning into the festival theme, Canoe crafted a lighthearted and fun activation that spotlighted Timberland’s heritage and iconic style.

Timberland wanted to ensure that the stand not only appeared inviting and playful, but that there was an education factor too. Canoe played on the fact Timberland boots are waterproof and suitable for all terrain by turning the ‘pond’ feature into half mud and half water. This gave the consumer a challenge when hooking their boot. 

To further align with the fairground theme, Canoe’s creative team researched signage, chose iconic fairground phases and tweaked them to fit Timberland’s key quotes. Prizes were displayed in a traditional fairground style, by hanging above the ‘pond’ and around the stand.

Prizes included Timberland t-shirts, socks, boot cleaning brushes and the iconic 6-inch boot for those who won the top prize.

On the day of the festival, Canoe’s team was on-site to set up the stand, ensuring that every element was in place. By tactically positioning the activation right by the main stage, guests soon came along to try their luck, quickly creating a buzz around the stand.

This provided an opportunity for Canoe to engage with participants, explaining the game and the prizes, while also highlighting key aspects of Timberland’s brand heritage and products. Social media elements were integrated, encouraging participants to share their experiences online, amplifying the brand’s reach beyond the festival grounds.

The ‘Hook a Boot’ activation at Frasers Festival was a successful blend of fun and brand engagement, drawing in festival-goers and leaving a lasting impression. With over 1,000 winners walking away with Timberland prizes, the activation not only enhanced brand visibility but also fostered a deeper connection with the audience. 

The buzz generated both on-site and across social media platforms solidified Timberland’s presence at the festival, making it a standout moment of the event.