Patagonia Worn Wear Infographic


  • Design a simple, easy to digest document highlighting the key figures and overall campaign results from the Patagonia Worn Wear tour
  • Informative animation expanding on the infographics
  • Share the document with key media
Patagonia wornwear Slideshow animation 1
Patagonia wornwear Slideshow2
Patagonia wornwear Slideshow3

What We Did:

We created an infographic that clearly identified key facts and figures relating to the Worn Wear tour. Adapting Patagonia’s existing campaign branding, we illustrated a series of bespoke icons that allowed us to tell the story of the campaign in a concise and cohesive way.

The document was distributed to media and was so successful that it was then used in numerous displays and presentations by Patagonia.