Patagonia Press Trips


  • Build and develop relationships between Patagonia and core media. 
  • Continue to reinforce not only characteristics and features of product, but also project Patagonia’s core values, ethics and beliefs.
  • Secure ongoing media coverage for Patagonia across a wide variety of publications covering both brand stories and product.

What We Did:

We are in the unique position to be able to utilise Patagonia’s chalet in Chamonix, France as a base for press trips.

"The chalet offers a chance for members of the press to get close to brand ambassadors, Patagonia staff and product in a premium outdoor location - complimenting the brand perfectly. "

We frequently host small, targeted groups of media at the chalet for several days of outdoor activities and discussion. Depending on the season or collection, trips and activities are tailored and leading Patagonia ambassadors join us to offer expert advice and guidance.

The objective of the trips is to allow journalists to experience Patagonia in the environment from which it was born, and created for, through fully immersive trips.

"Two of the most recent trips include ‘Trail Running’ and ‘Ice Climbing’ - both based in Chamonix."

The objective of the Trail Running trip was to introduce Patagonia’s latest growing category to core media.

The Trail Running trip was hosted at the Patagonia Chalet in Chamonix, France; the perfect mountain environment home to both extensive testing trails and a Patagonia flagship store. Working with Patagonia Trail Running ambassador and ultra-marathon runner Chloe Lanthier, attendees were given training, guidance and advice as they were taken on a unique 1.5KM vertical climb over 10 KM distance – finishing at the foot of a glacier.

The mixed weather, terrain and temperature created the perfect environment to test the Patagonia product (and stamina of the journalists!) Following the run, we had the opportunity to present the full trail running range and ensure guests were fully aware of the products, qualities and technical features and that Patagonia was now to be recognised as a serious brand within the Trail Running market.

"Later in the year, Canoe hosted press on a fully immersive ‘Ice Climbing’ trip in order to highlight the latest ‘Alpine Collection.’ "

A small team from Canoe accompanied Patagonia Staff, Ambassadors and a carefully selected group of consumer lifestyle media to the Patagonia Chalet in Chamonix, France. The trip included exploring glaciers and alpine terrain, with an introduction to mountaineering techniques and ice climbing using crampons, ice axes and rope travel.

Throughout the trip, Patagonia’s values and beliefs were reinforced through informative talks with ambassadors, covering both Patagonia product and the environment it is designed for.


We continue to secure a wealth of media coverage on Patagonia – both brand and product focussed. Some stand-out examples from the two latest trips include Runner’s World Magazine, Shortlist, Trail Running Magazine and The Huffington Post.