Patagonia Nano Puff European Media Launch


Patagonia came to us with a number of clear objectives for the 2016 media launch of their new Nano Puff range; 

  • Introduce the new Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket to European media 
  • Demonstrate the values of the brand and its mission statement as point of difference and use the story to educate media 
  • Amplify the recycle story through creative mailing kit and press kit 
  • Secure coverage in core media demonstrating progress in design and in mainstream media using the story to provoke questions
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What We Did:

Constantly keeping Patagonia’s brand values in mind, we designed a creative mailer that both told the story and highlighted the product – focussing on the almost entirely recycled materials used to make the jackets and the fact that in the first year, the brand will save 2 million plastic bottles from landfill. 

In order to emphasise the story behind the product and allow the vibrant, eye-catching product to shine (with a nod to traditional ‘message in a bottle’ communication), we re-appropriated plastic bottles and shipped jackets inside them. Each bottle was sealed with a custom-designed label, encouraging the recipient to put the bottles back into recycling when used. 

To further discuss the product and educate media on the story, we created a zine from a single piece of paper. In line with Patagonia’s values, we sourced a world-renowned sustainable printers and used an innovative folding and cutting technique to create pages without the need to stitch, bind or staple. 

For media not receiving product, we created a smaller version of the mailer, featuring a zine inside a bottle to ensure consistent amplification and messaging across the project. 

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patagonia nanopuff slideshow2 2
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Following the mailer, we have secured a wealth of well-informed print and online coverage on both the product and the story across the European media landscape – spanning core climbing and sports media, fashion, tech, environment and newspapers. 

Alongside product posts and story conversation, social media coverage also featured discussion of the mailer itself and its relevance to the story.