Global launch KR3W’s collaboration with renowned music photographer Charles Peterson.



What We Did:

In order to maximise the appeal and reach of the collaboration, we decided to bring together its three key elements; fashion, music and photography, into a series of events across the UK. 

For the official global launch, we facilitated a KR3W takeover of notorious East London music venue; ’The Macbeth’ – filling the space with 3 of the UK’s leading grunge acts, a collection of Peterson’s most candid music imagery and most importantly, the collection itself. 

By separating the performance and exhibition spaces, media attendees were able to really focus on the inspiration behind the collection and to get a hands-on introduction to the key pieces – whilst enjoying loud music and cold beer; an atmosphere fitting to both Peterson’s work and the KR3W brand. 

The campaign extended into a retail marketing initiative with events taking place across key regional markets in the UK. Ensuring a globally consistent message following the launch, the exhibition continued on to the USA for a further series of regional events.