• Identity, engage with and seed product to a range of relevant influencers with the goal of driving consumer traffic to a new e-commerce platform.



What we did:

A unique hashtag was created and used across all influencer-generated content to ensure the e-commerce connection remained at the forefront of all posts. 

Ahead of any influencers using the hashtag, content was created and posted from a new @gshockecommerce account using #GShockUKStoreLive. This ensured that anyone following the hashtag through an influencer post would arrive at a landing grid of on-brand G-Shock messaging.

Our in-house design and production team created unique packaging for the influencer seeding that featured the campaign imagery and hashtag. This served two purposes; to keep the messaging consistent across all physical and digital channels, and to help inspire the influencers when thinking about the kind of content they were being asked to create.