CAT Footwear

CAT Footwear ’Colorado 25’ x SCHUH Project


As part of their AW16 ‘Colorado 25’ project, CAT Footwear needed to create a series of window installations for high-street retailer SCHUH. 

Following the success of our existing work on the project, including our Earthmovers video (link to video project), we were briefed to; 

  • Amplify brand story by communicating the Colorado’s 25th Birthday 
  • Showcase key products in an inspiring way 
  • Aid buying decisions point of purchase and increase awareness through an emotive, original, engaging visual retail installation that will work in 3D and Vinyl format 

What We Did :

In order to ensure campaign consistency, we focussed on an artist that was already part of the #25COLORADO project; Supermundane  We felt that the design he submitted could be tuned into a vibrant and engaging visual installation that would capture the attention of both customers, and passers-by. 

We worked with the artist to turn the design into a template for a modular construction that allowed us to work with the very different sizes of space available at each of the three SCHUH locations. We then designed three unique displays, visible from both sides that would showcase the product and highlight the story in a way that encouraged engagement and awareness. 

A fourth design was created as 2 dimensional window vinyls, using the same designs but substituting the physical product for custom-drawn illustrations of the key product. 

Key social media call-outs and references to the ‘Colorado 25’ were prominent and the colours used reflected the colours of the key product.