Love my hood


  • Devise and manage a global project enabling all territories to educate their media on the history of the brand and celebrate Bench’s inherent creativity.
  • Guide and support each territory’s PR agency in adapting the project to appeal to their local market.

What We Did:

The project had key objectives – to further develop Bench’s relationship and presence in online media; to grow relationships with bloggers and to create a wealth of social media noise – all of which was to be collated and showcased via a unique project website

We created a brief inspired by the Hood – a garment inherent in each Bench range since it’s inception in the late 80’s. This brief was given to all countries, inviting them to develop a local project using the hood as a means to raise awareness of the brands history. Working with local talent, for example; artists, musicians or bloggers to develop a modern interpretation of this wardrobe staple.

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We then worked with all global agencies to help develop each of their projects, including production, budgeting and social media role out . All campaign assets were created in-house for the project, ensuring a coherent international message.

The example below shows the UK’s interpretation of the #LoveMyHood project – an event that brought together London’s Art and Fashion media elite in East London gallery space; The Hoxton Basement.

A culmination of a collaborative project between UK bloggers, photographers and illustrators – the project highlighted the originality and diversity that Bench has come to represent.

Bench Love My Hood Coverage