Canoe is a communications agency; underpinned by experts that cover PR, Media, Social Media, Content, Insights and Production. Our teams are not linear, and neither is the exciting cross-section of work that we produce.


Canoe is a PR communications agency, based in London that helps brands navigate culture and communication.

Our success as an integrated communication agency and the success we deliver for our clients is predicated upon expertise in media communications coupled with an acute understanding of the consumer mindset. Utilising media to engage with your consumer.

Whether it is paid or earned, we have the contacts and the nous to maximise brand visibility where it is most effective.


A robust strategic content marketing plan is critical to driving quality traffic through your sales funnel. As a fully integrated agency, we boost the ability to art direct and create show-stopping content through to delivering the performance marketing strategy that makes the consumer engage with the content.

Yet the ways in which brands engage with their consumers vary hugely: what’s right for you can be totally wrong for your competitors. That’s where we come in, precisely defining how to maintain the reach, relevance and frequency that make sure you continue to stand out as a creative communications agency.

When it comes to delivering creative content, we cover art direction, content creation, photography, videography and creative production services.


As a social media agency, we’re incredibly proud of the social media advertising strategies and campaigns we deliver for our clients. We create, develop and run paid performance marketing campaigns that pay dividends, helping a wide range of brands transform paid social media into an effective sales tool and a driver to purchase.

Social media advertising can be a complex path to navigate, but our expertise ensures we deliver high performing advertising campaigns through every stage of the conversion funnel.

Our social media team also cover other non paid advertising campaigns such as channel management, organic content creation, user-generated content, influencer management and more. We precisely define how to maintain the reach, relevance and frequency that make sure you continue to stand out.





A stunning photograph. A slick video. A successful event. Experiential. Creative Production is the common theme that helps to make it all happen and the unsung hero of every great outcome. Hiding behind the scenes, Production rarely gets the plaudits it deserves. But for us, it’s always front of mind for every experiential production brief

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