About Us


Connecting brands and consumers through engaging content, media & social.Proudly working alongside some of the biggest, boldest & most culturally relevant brands.

About Us

Canoe is a communications agency that specialises in connecting brands and consumers. Our success as an agency and the success we deliver for our clients is predicated upon expertise in media communications coupled with an acute understanding of the consumer mindset.

The foundations of Canoe are the longstanding relationships with brands that share our passions and beliefs from a professional and personal standpoint. Our mission has always been to represent brands that represent us as a collective. We continue to seek out brands that inspire us to lend our expertise to their brand purpose.

We passionately believe in insight-backed communications strategy, and we are proud to work with the brands with the richest stories to tell. This combination of passion, expertise, and insight is the alchemy that drives us forward and sets us apart as a communications agency.

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