Dickies SS22: A Paid Social Case Study

What’s the best way to increase traffic to my website? It’s a question we often get asked and one that we faced recently.


The Task


The solutions are numerous. Engaging copywriting, organic social media, discounts, Google keywords, improving your SEO strategy but to name a few. However, when Dickies came to us with their own request, Canoe drafted a plan that leveraged our expertise in paid social advertising to craft a solution. 

There’s a simplicity in the task – utilise the latest content for the latest collections to run social media ads to drive traffic to the Dickies Europe website. Evaluating our expertise and the assets that we had available to use, Canoe chose a cross platform approach. TikTok has recently been providing us terrific cost per click results in our campaigns whilst Facebook and Instagram remains a constant in our day to day.

The Results 


Following the conclusion of the campaign, the overall results were better than our predicted KPIs: 69% over on link clicks, and 58% over on impressions. However, going beyond the immediately obvious results, Canoe takes the campaign to the next level by deep diving into nitty gritty, providing tangible and strategic key learnings.

The Analysis


The results are thrilling and provide those previously mentioned tangible strategic learnings for future campaigns. There was a proliferation in a specific territory that wasn’t expected, potentially suggesting a lack of competition and an appetite for our brand to take advantage of in this space. This level of analysis is where Canoe prides itself – providing clear and direct strategy for the beginning of our next campaign.

The Future


In a grander perspective, TikTok’s phenomenal results illustrate the growing importance of the platform, accelerating its own level of influence. TikTok’s products are developing the same capabilities and functionality at an alarming rate. Pair that with the overwhelming groundswell of popular usage, it will continue its ascent as the most dominant social media platform.

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