Brand Partnerships: Hollister and The Mix

Canoe work with HCo on their first official EU partnership

For WTMWD 2021 we helped Hollister partner with UK based charity The Mix.  Providing free information and support to under 25s, The Mix’s demographic perfectly aligned with the Hollister EMEA target audience.

A credible organisation operating within the teen mental wellness space, The Mix also proved to be a good potential long-term proposition based on their expertise in additional areas to mental wellness with the potential to partner with them again at relevant points over the coming year e.g., body diversity, inclusivity, money, bullying & relationships

Taking the lead from the global strategy, we devised an EMEA specific campaign around World Teen Mental Wellness Day on March 2nd, 2021, that stayed true to and upheld the global campaign strategy and objective:

The following key elements served to bring the campaign to life in EMEA and drive awareness of the overarching message:

  • Authentic brand partnership with teen mental wellness charity The Mix.
  • Paid talent & social campaign.
  • Supporting press office activity.

Our insights combined with tapping into existing social media trends prevalent among our target EMEA consumer group, formed the basis of our creative concept, which centred on two social mechanics with UGC and social virality at the core of each.

Canoe managed a paid creative social media campaign with five UK talent. We carefully sourced talent who were already established in the mental wellness space; using their active social platforms to normalise the conversation and disrupt the stigma around mental health.

The objectives of the social media deliverables were to;

  • Boost UK awareness of WTMWD
  • Show brand love and affinity for Hollister
  • Educate on the partnership between Hollister and The Mix
  • Signpost to The Mix for essential advice, help and support and drive awareness of the mental wellness Info Guides across three issue areas
  • Create a viral moment by encouraging tagged loved ones to repost and tag on their Stories
  • Drive followers to the WTMWD hoodie shopping page

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