The Reason

The Reason


  • Art Direct and Design ‘The Reason’ Snowboard Magazine.


What We Did:

We have been responsible for Art Direction and design of Black Heart Press’ ’The Reason’ since its inception six years ago.

Our Creative department continue to work with Black Heart on each issue to ensure the magazine doesn’t stagnate. The 2014/15 season saw a complete brand refresh with our designers implementing a total clean up of the magazine alongside logo development and the creation of numerous digital assets – including play buttons, sub logos, badges, banners and a Womens’ specific logo.

"Ever since Black Heart Press presented their concept, Canoe have been designing and art directing ‘The Reason.’" 


In it’s first year, ‘The Reason’ received huge support from the endemic industry and subsequently expanded to four issues a year. Due to its high quality finish, clean contemporary design and authentic editorial content – readership and circulation continue to grow issue upon issue.

Now in it’s sixth year, ‘The Reason’s’ high production values, from perfect binding to high quality sustainable matt stock and the use of vegetable based inks, make this the best magazine in it’s sector.