Blockhead Social Media Management


  • Increase followership
  • Increase engagement 
  • Create a branded look and feel for the channel
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What We Did:

We first established BLOCKHEAD Energy’s brand objectives and key target audience, and then researched competitors within the market. We took that research and developed insight into optimum content and tagging. 

We also used geo-tag based targeting – posting localised content and engaging with audiences who were checking into, for example, festivals that BLOCKHEAD were present at or sponsoring. This was also relevant on the brand’s tour of UK Universities – giving us the opportunity to create specific content for each geographic location. 

We took elements of BLOCKHEAD’s branding and incorporated those into the digital identity of the channel – choosing a colour palette, font and tone of voice that reflected the brand’s identity and resonated with their target audience. The channel now features a mix of graphics, video and imagery – adding to the audiences experience of the brand and allowing effective communication via multiple mediums. 

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In less than 6 months of managing the account, we have grown the followership by 2993% 

In less than 6 months of managing the account, average engagement has increased by 1228% 

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blockhead social slideshow2 2