PR Projects


Traditional or non-traditional, whether you’re communicating a story or launching a product; our PR team, with over a decade’s experience, can help your target audience get the message.

Strategy & Planning 

We specialise in strategising and planning communications campaigns – long, or short term and whatever the objective. Our experience across online and offline media allows us to create single channel, multi channel or fully integrated campaigns based on insight and strategic thinking.

Press Trips

Whether highlighting the functionality of a product, bringing attention to an important story or immersing media in your brand’s values, we create and manage press trips on any scale. From a HQ visit to an arctic expedition, our experience and international network allows us to facilitate trips to suit any budget and objective.

Influencer Outreach 

We understand that pure numbers and promises of impressions are only half the value – the rest comes from targeted exposure to the right kind of consumer.

We have developed relationships with a broad network of influencers across fashion, lifestyle, outdoors and beyond and understand that it’s not always the biggest numbers that yield the biggest results. From ‘micro-influencers’ to Kylie Jenner, we work with influencers to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty and where relevant – maximise sales and profitability.

Product Placement 

We put product on pages. From editorial shoots to gear-tests, we understand the importance of on-brand placement in relevant publications. Our extensive network of influencers, journalist and bloggers combined with our astute team, means that we are equipped to facilitate any request that comes our way.

Media Partnerships

Media Partnerships not only provide guaranteed coverage, but they also add credibility to your brand, product or message. Our relationships with leading publications and sites allow us to facilitate partnerships that result in controlled editorial content in a specialist environment, offering maximum exposure to your desired audience.

Crisis Management 

Sometimes things don’t always go the way you expect. Our senior team have extensive experience in handling crisis communication when required and will work alongside you in order to plan, execute and manage the most effective plan of action.

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