Interstellar Week

I’ve always been a massive fan of the cinema, I remember the excitement I would get when I would visit on the weekends with my parents or grandma. Even though ticket prices are now super expensive, I still try and see a film at least once a month, even if it means going on my own.

This week was Interstellar week, a film combining three of my favourite things on the big screen; Christopher Nolan, Matthew Maconahey and SPACE. This isn’t your usual two dimensional sci-fi flick that involves the U.S presidents daughter being held hostage on a floating space prison due to lack of space on earth. No. That film is called Lockout and its also amazing. Interstellar is different though, its bigger than that. Imagine having your brain crammed full of speculative information that you can’t even comprehend, sponsored by Carhartt. That’s Interstellar. I came out of the cinema looking up at the vastness of space and feeling extremely small. It was an incredible experience. After a volley of mediocre films this year which I was very disappointed with (Mainly Godzilla), Interstellar reminded me of why I started to visit the cinema in the first place.

What you probably don’t know about me is that for a short period of time in my life I worked as a junior projectionist at the Vue Cinema in my home town of Staines between the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. Unfortunately it didn’t end well. ruining a screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox 20 minutes before the end on a Saturday morning kids club viewing was too much to take and I left shortly after. I’ll never forget all of those 200 faces staring up at me through the projection window. No one notices your existence until you make a mistake.

But fear not! For this short lived career path was not in vain. One day in and amongst my daily routines of lacing up multiple Avatar showings, watching girls fight over seats for Twilight: New Moon and seeing viewers reactions to Law Abiding Citizen, I snuck in a good friend of mine named John Wildsmith – An amazing photographer who wanted to get some snaps of a modern day projection room in a cooperate cinema. People who are not employed the cinema are strictly forbidden to enter the projection room and was punishable by death, so this truly was a covert operation. John got his fix which took about 15 minutes and I snuck him out through the fire escape discreetly. The end result is below, a lost collection of photography from a modern day cooperate projection room before it got taken over by 3D Robots who ruined it all:

Photo Credit: John Wildsmith